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Friday, April 9, 2010

Nicholas Walton Review's O'Henry Short Stories

Hi! I am Nicholas Walton. I am in the the 6th grade. I am here to review about O'Henry Best Short Stories. This book was very good and I suggest that you read it. My favorite story was The Gift of the Magi. It was about a family. It was around Christmas time. They both needed to get a gift for each other. The husband had a beautiful watch. It was passed down from generation. The wife had beautiful hair. The wife wanted a combs, and the husband wanted a chain for his watch. It turned out the wife had cut off all her hair to get enough money for the chain. The husband had to sell his watch for the combs. When they gave each other their gift they told them what they had to give to get the preasent. They weren't mad at each other. They were happy that they would do so much to get the other a gift. The End. Before you get this book let me tell you most of these stories have a twisted ending. So I hope you enjoy it.

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